Lesson 3: Recognizing Ethical Breaches by e-Instructors

It is our hope that the above ethical considerations (presented throughout this segment of the module) have presented useful insight for your own evaluation of online instructors. Here is a sort of summative checklist of questions you can ponder when setting up your own class as instructor, or assessing the e-teacher of a class you are taking:

  • Has the instructor attempted to address special needs, characteristics, and situations in this class?
  • Has the instructor been conscientious about availing her presence?
  • Has the instructor been consistent in her application of rules and guidelines in the course syllabus?
  • Has the instructor clearly outlined goals and objectives for the class?
  • Has the instructor demonstrated academic expertise in the content being provided?
  • Has the instructor demonstrated fairness and openness in evaluative techniques?
  • Has the instructor expressed guidelines for proper communication and collaboration?
  • Has the instructor exuded an air of openness to questions, comments, and feedback?
  • Has the instructor presented fair but firm adherence to legal principles of internet use?
  • Has the instructor promoted an atmosphere of cross-cultural nurture and acceptance for all students?
  • Has the instructor provided clear rubrics, criteria, and expectations that must be met to succeed?
  • Has the instructor provided full disclosure of materials and resources for evaluation?
  • Has the instructor provided modeled and scaffolded examples for complex themes and practices?
  • Has the instructor seemed cognizant of the ethical principles outlined in the NEA Code?

Again, these are just a few questions of ethical presentation based on the information in this segment. Being broader and deeper that what time or space will allow this author to type here, ethics presents a wider range of questions about the good versus bad, right versus wrong dilemmas that go beyond any simple list of questions. When taking an online course, consider the infinite dimensions to ethical applications, and document your own questions to help formulate a decision about your e-teacher's loyalty to ethical principles.

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